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Authors: Timothy J. Harrison, Bruce R. Crawford, Graham Clark, Milan Brandt

Abstract: This paper presents a model that predicts the stress field around intergranular corrosion. The stress analysis is conducted in ABAQUS via a...

Authors: Graham Clark, Ung Hing Tiong, Aditya Jaya

Abstract: Aircraft joints feature prominently in aircraft structural degradation. Fatigue cracking and corrosion damage can reduce joint strength and...

Authors: Ung Hing Tiong, Bruce R. Crawford, Graham Clark

Abstract: The degradation and failure of protective coatings (paints and sealants) is a key element influencing the service life of aircraft. Such...

Authors: Reza Mohammed, Qian Chu Liu, Madabhushi Janardhana, Graham Clark

Abstract: High-strength steels are used in several critical aerospace applications such as aircraft landing gear, primary structure and engine...

Authors: Sunny Lok Hin Chan, Ung Hing Tiong, Graham Clark

Abstract: While many fixed-wing aircraft have adopted damage-tolerant design in recent years, helicopter design is still based predominantly on a safe...

Authors: Aditya Jaya, Ung Hing Tiong, Graham Clark

Abstract: This paper discusses experiments investigating the effect of lubrication on surface damage in riveted lap joints which experience fatigue...

Authors: Steven P. Knight, Graham Clark, A.J. Davenport, Anthony R. Trueman

Abstract: Intergranular corrosion can lead to significant problems such as sub-critical crack growth or loss in section strength, potentially leading...

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