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Authors: Kai Fu Zhang, Yuan Li, Xi Qiu, Hai Cheng Yang

Abstract: To improve efficiency and veracity of planning ACP, and to adequately utilize some knowledge or experience in ACP and the minds of assembly...

Authors: Yu Ming Zhu, Hai Cheng Yang

Abstract: In order to model complex product systems and analyze their whole performance to deal with the coupling relationships between...

Authors: Jing Tao Zhou, Hai Cheng Yang, Ming Wei Wang, Shi Kai Jing, Rong Mo

Abstract: Surviving in an increasing globalization, distribution and flexibility environment, modern manufacturing requires an extremely flexible,...

Authors: Yan Li He, Wei Ping He, Hai Cheng Yang, Ying Zhang, Kai Zhao

Abstract: Agent technology is widely employed to construct dynamic, distributed collaborative manufacturing systems in which the individual...

Authors: Jing Tao Zhou, Hai Cheng Yang, Ming Wei Wang, Rong Mo

Abstract: To fully fulfill the modularity and loosely coupled characteristics of P2P semantic mapping paradigm proposed in our previous work[1], a...

Authors: Bin Zhu, Zhan Wang, Hai Cheng Yang, Hong Li

Abstract: Mass customization (MC) is an emergent concept in industry intended to provide customized products through flexible processes in high...

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