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Authors: Kensuke Wada, Kenichi Kakimoto, Hitoshi Ohsato
Authors: Kiyotaka Tanaka, Kenichi Kakimoto, Hitoshi Ohsato

Abstract: The development of lead-free piezoelectric materials has been required from the viewpoint of environmental preservation. We focused the...

Authors: Hitoshi Ohsato, Keiji Wada, Tomohisa Kato, C.J. Sun, M. Razeghi
Authors: Hitoshi Ohsato

Abstract: This article summarizes the work of the author’s lab based on crystallography. The topics are categorized in the following three fields:...

Authors: Tsutomu Tsunooka, Tomonori Sugiyama, Hitoshi Ohsato, Kenichi Kakimoto, Minato Andou, Yutaka Higashida, Hirotsugu Sugiura
Authors: Z.N. Ismarrubie, Minato Ando, Tsutomu Tsunooka, Isao Kagomiya, Hitoshi Ohsato
Authors: Won Woo Cho, G. Zouganelis, Hitoshi Ohsato

Abstract: A metallodielectric metamaterial have been investigated by using FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) method and fabricated with a resin...

Authors: Kiyotaka Tanaka, Kenichi Kakimoto, Hitoshi Ohsato

Abstract: Various KNbO3 powders have been derived from sol-gel process by using different preparation and heating conditions. KNbO3 powder derived...

Authors: Kenichi Kakimoto, Izumi Masuda, Hitoshi Ohsato
Authors: Masashi Yamashita, Yukari Ishikawa, Hitoshi Ohsato, Noriyoshi Shibata

Abstract: An AlBN thin film with a boron content (B/(Al+B)) of 0.1 or 0.3 was obtained by radio-frequency plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy...

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