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Authors: Ken Ichi Ishikawa, Hitoshi Suwabe, Shun-Ichi Itoh, Michio Uneda
Authors: Ken Ichi Ishikawa, Hitoshi Suwabe, Y. Tutae
Authors: Yoshinori Abe, Ken Ichi Ishikawa, Hitoshi Suwabe
Abstract: Warp accuracy and nanotopography in the silicon wafer slicing process influence the final quality of the wafer. Therefore, methods to improve these factors are important. And this will require the achievement of low costs and high quality processing – conflicting requirements – with larger sized wafers than in previous generations. The present study was performed to assess mechanical factors, such as machine static accuracy and thermal deformation, to improve the accuracy of multi-wire saws. This report deals with the influence of thermal deformation of the ingot and wire guides upon processing accuracy, and describes the assessment results.
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