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Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, Ai Qing Sun

Abstract: Al alloys with Mg as the major alloying element constitute a group of non-heat treatable alloys with medium strength, high ductility,...

Authors: X. Peng, J. Zhao, Hong Yan Zhang, Fu Hui Wang

Abstract: Two types of Ni-base nanocomposites were prepared by co-deposition of Ni with nano-sized particles of Cr or CeO2, respectively. Both Ni-Cr...

Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, S.R. Sriraman, S.L. Liu

Abstract: Magnesium alloys, on account of their lightweight, find useful applications in the automotive sector. During service, they experience very...

Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, M.R. Sriraman, Shou Xin Li

Abstract: For many applications, the understanding of very long life fatigue in materials becomes extremely important. In this study, the fatigue...

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