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Authors: Yan Hai Yang, Hua Cai, Min Jiang Zhang, Yan Xu
Abstract: The recycle of asphalt pavement material is not only accordance with the policy of national energy conservation and emission reduction, but also can significantly reduce the project cost. Viscoelastic mechanical model of recycled asphalt mixture is studied based on pavement maintenance engineering of Shenyang-Shanhaiguan expressway, and with analysis of material performance we could collect testing data from bending creep test on small beam, obtain testing parameters through fitting method. The results indicate that general Maxwell model could nicely reflect the viscoelastic mechanical behavior of recycled asphalt mixture.
Authors: Hua Cai, Ke Jiang, Jian Miao, Jian Gang Liao
Abstract: Aiming at the problems of the concrete pavement transverse joint, and the characteristics of prestressed concrete pavement and continuously reinforced concrete pavement, a transversely prestressed continuous concrete pavement with oblique-reinforced is presented. ABAQUS software is adopted to establish respectively two three-dimensional finite element models of plain concrete pavement and transversely prestressed continuous concrete pavement with oblique-reinforced for calculating mechanical behavior under the standard load. The results show that, with a concrete pavement slab transversely prestressed, a finite prestressing force exist in longitudinal by bonding among oblique-reinforced and concrete, and there isn’t tensile stress under the load, so the possibility of slab breakage due to tensile stress is low. Due to its excellent performance, in addition its great load-carrying capacity and overall stability, the investigation is valuable for the research of seamlessly prestressed pavement.
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