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Authors: Hua Xue, Hai Xia Li, Yu Fei Wang

Abstract: Analysis strategies of nonlinear electromagnetic interference have always been a focus in the literature. This paper designs a...

Authors: Hua Xue, Yu Fei Wang

Abstract: A new method of fuzzy multiple reference models adaptive control(FMRMAC) for dealing with significant and unpredictable system parameter...

Authors: Yu Fei Wang, Jian Yun Zhang, Hua Xue

Abstract: A chaotic circuit was designed to simulate the chaotic phenomenon observed in power supply system of electric arc furnace (EAF). Based on...

Authors: Wen Jun Wu, Hua Xue

Abstract: Due to its great potential value in theory and application, nonlinear control strategies of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG),...

Authors: Fan Yang, Hua Xue, Hao Li

Abstract: Molten carbonate fuel cell/ gas turbine hybrid power system (MCFC/GT) output power should real-time response the demand of load. The...

Authors: Fan Yang, Hao Li, Yu Fei Wang, Hua Xue

Abstract: To a molten carbonate fuel cell/ gas turbine hybrid system, operating temperature which has significant influence on the performance and...

Authors: Fan Yang, Hua Xue, Yu Fei Wang

Abstract: Supercapacitors have characteristics of high power density, long life, and quick charging and discharging. DC-DC converter can be used for...

Authors: Yu Fei Wang, Dong Zhao, Xing Xu, Hua Xue

Abstract: As an indispensable part of renewable energy power generation system, energy storage to a large extent, has resolved randomness and...

Authors: Hua Xue, Yue Fan

Abstract: When using a remote networked control system, a network-induced time-delay is generated, which causes advert effects on the closed-loop...

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