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Authors: Hui Li, Yong Luo
Abstract: This text applies grey target theory to evaluate the safety of highway alignment design. According to grey target theory, many factors which affect the safety were selected. The model of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design model was put forward based on grey target theory. After we apply this method in the practice, this method of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design is proved to be effective in course of the accuracy of the safety evaluation. Investigative results indicate that some subjective factors can be eliminated to a certain extent based on evaluation model of grey target theory in the course of alignment scheme choice,which make the choice result more objective. And it is a certain application value for the safety evaluation of highway alignment design.
Authors: Quan Liu, Yong Luo, Hui Li
Abstract: The microwave vehicle detection can obtain real-time conditions of road traffic flow fast, accurate and convenient. In this study, we took the expressway traffic flow in Chengdu as the research object, collecting real-time data of traffic flow, speed and vehicle density to analyses the relationship among Q, V, K graphically. Finally the service level in different lanes and speed in the Third Ring Road were evaluated through Q, V, K data calculations and analysis in Chengdu’s expressway at the traffic peak time.
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