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Authors: Wen Yan Wang, Pei Wang, Jing Pei Xie, Gao Lu, Xiao Ming Dong, Hui Wu Yu
Abstract: In this study, Nd: CW CO2 laser were used in LSA experiment on Steel C1045 with four different systems alloyed by Sub-Micron Ceramics, namely Ti+C, TiO2+C, TiC, Ti+V+C. The high hardness alloyed coating was prepared on the surface of Steel C1045 adopting laser alloying process for the ideal reinforced effect of surface that we expect. The microstructures of the four different alloy systems were analyzed by SEM. The microhardness and the friction coefficient of these laser alloying layers were examined, then the abrasion resistance and the main wear mechanism were summarized. According to the experimental results, comprehensive properties of Ti+V+C system were the most excellent in all systems.
Authors: Wen Yan Wang, Yu Wu, Jing Pei Xie, Gao Lu, Xiao Ming Dong, Hui Wu Yu
Abstract: In this study, calcium nitrate(Ca(NO3)2•4H2O) and phosphorus pentoxide(P2O5) were used as precursor to prepare hydroxyapatite(HA) layer by sol-gel method, followed by a dipping-coating method to coat HA layer onto Ti. Phase formation and microstructure were investigated by XRD and SEM to study the influence of atmosphere on the property of HA layer. The results revealed that there exists no large cracks in the layer which was heated in the nitrogen, leading to a good surface quality compared with the layer which was heated in the air. And there is no obvious difference in crystallinity and volume fraction of HA in the layer when adopting heat treatment in different atmospheres.
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