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Authors: B. Silva, Hugo Figueiredo, Cristina Quintelas, I.C. Neves, T. Tavares
Abstract: The removal of metallic ions from binary aqueous solutions of Fe(III)/Cr(III) and Fe(III)/Cr(VI) by an Arthrobacter viscosus biofilm supported on NaY zeolite was investigated. Experiments were repeated with suspended biomass for comparison purposes. Batch assays were performed using different concentrations (10, 25 and 40 mg/L), for both metals in solution. Results indicated that Arthrobacter viscosus is able to retain the metallic ions, although not totally. The removal efficiencies were improved when the biofilm was supported on the zeolite, for all the initial concentrations of Cr(III), for the intermediate and higher concentration of Cr(VI) and for all range of initial concentrations of Fe(III), in the presence of Cr(III). The bacteria reduce Cr(VI) to Cr(III) and, only then, this cation may be entrapped in the framework zeolite by ion exchange. Suspended bacteria had higher affinity for Fe(III), than for Cr(VI) or Cr(III), while the conjugated system was selective to Fe(III) when in the presence of Cr(VI). For solutions of Fe(III)/Cr(III), very high removals were achieved by the supported system, ranging from 94 to 100 % for Cr(III) and from 98 to 100 % for Fe(III). The conjugated system also reached the highest removal ratio of Cr(VI), 36 %, for the initial concentration of 40 mg/L. The materials in study were characterized by techniques such as FTIR, SEM and chemical analyses.
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