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Authors: T. Paskova, E. Valcheva, Ivan G. Ivanov, Rositza Yakimova, Susan Savage, Nils Nordell, Chris I. Harris
Authors: Adam Gali, Peter Deák, E. Rauls, P. Ordejón, F.H.C. Carlsson, Ivan G. Ivanov, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Authors: T. Egilsson, Anne Henry, Ivan G. Ivanov, J. Lennart Lindström, Erik Janzén
Authors: Mike F. MacMillan, L. Hultman, Christer Hallin, Ivan G. Ivanov, Anne Henry, Erik Janzén, S.A. Galloway
Authors: Ivan G. Ivanov, Ulf Lindefelt, Anne Henry, T. Egilsson, Olof Kordina, Erik Janzén
Authors: Jawad ul Hassan, Chariya Virojanadara, Axel Meyer, Ivan G. Ivanov, Jan I. Flege, Somsakul Watcharinyanon, Jens Falta, Leif I. Johansson, Erik Janzén

Abstract: We report graphene thickness, uniformity and surface morphology dependence on the growth temperature and local variations in the off-cut of...

Authors: Christer Hallin, Alexsandre Ellison, Ivan G. Ivanov, Anne Henry, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén
Authors: Ivan G. Ivanov, Alexsandre Ellison, Erik Janzén
Authors: Ivan G. Ivanov, Anne Henry, Fei Yan, Wolfgang J. Choyke, Erik Janzén

Abstract: The analysis of the donor-acceptor pair luminescence of P-Al and N-Al pairs obtained recently for the cubic 3C polytype of SiC is viewed in...

Authors: Ivan G. Ivanov, Anne Henry, Erik Janzén

Abstract: The procedure of fitting the spectra associated with donor-acceptor pair luminescence arising from nitrogen-aluminum and...

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