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Authors: S. Deville, Jérôme Chevalier, Gilbert Fantozzi, J.F. Bartolomé, J. Requena, J.S. Moya, Ramon Torrecillas, L.A. Díaz
Authors: Y. Torres Hernández, Marc Anglada, Luis Llanes, J.F. Bartolomé, M. Díaz, J.S. Moya

Abstract: The fracture and fatigue behaviour of a mullite/molybdenum composite is investigated. The attention is focused on the measurement of...

Authors: J.M. Torres, J.F. Bartolomé, L.M. García, W. Rodewald
Authors: J.S. Moya, J.F. Bartolomé, M. Díaz, J. Requena
Authors: S. López-Esteban, J.F. Bartolomé, J.S. Moya, A. Sagisaka, K. Matsumoto, Tadashi Tanimoto
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