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Authors: J.W. Morris, D.C. Chrzan, Shigeru Kuramoto

Abstract: Tensile tests of single crystals of Gum Metal (Ti-36Nb-2Ta-3Zr-0.3O (wt %)) showed, anomalously, that (1) extensive, stress-induced...

Authors: Velimir Radmilović, U. Dahmen, B. Dracup, Michael K. Miller, D. Mitlin, J.W. Morris
Authors: J.W. Morris, D.M. Clatterbuck, D.C. Chrzan, C.R. Krenn, W. Luo, M.L. Cohen
Authors: John E. Sanchez, D.R. Frear, J.W. Morris
Authors: Takahito Ohmura, A. Minor, Kaneaki Tsuzaki, J.W. Morris

Abstract: Deformation behavior in the vicinity of grain boundary in Fe-0.4wt%C tempered martensitic steel were studied through in-situ nanoindentation...

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