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Authors: K.J. Schoen, Jason Henning, J.M. Woodall, James A. Cooper, M.R. Melloch
Authors: L. Yuan, James A. Cooper, Kevin J. Webb, M.R. Melloch
Authors: Yang Sui, James A. Cooper, X. Wang, Ginger G. Walden
Abstract: We have designed, simulated, fabricated, and characterized high-voltage 4H-SiC p-channel DMOS-IGBTs on 20 kV blocking layers for use as the next generation of power switching devices. These p-IGBTs exhibit significant conductivity modulation in the drift layer. The maximum currents of the experimental p-channel IGBTs are 1.2x and 2.1x higher than the ideal 20 kV n-channel DMOSFETs at room temperature and 175°C, respectively.
Authors: Yang Sui, Ginger G. Walden, Xiao Kun Wang, James A. Cooper
Abstract: We compare the on-state characteristics of five 4H-SiC power devices designed to block 20 kV. At such a high blocking voltage, the on-state current density depends heavily on the degree of conductivity modulation in the drift region, making the IGBT and thyristor attractive devices for high blocking voltages.
Authors: C.Y. Lu, James A. Cooper, G.Y. Chung, John R. Williams, K. McDonald, Leonard C. Feldman
Authors: Stephen E. Saddow, John R. Williams, Tamara Isaacs-Smith, Michael A. Capano, James A. Cooper, Michael S. Mazzola, A.J. Hsieh, Jeff B. Casady
Authors: Y. Li, James A. Cooper, Michael A. Capano
Authors: J. Spitz, M.R. Melloch, James A. Cooper, Michael A. Capano
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