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Authors: Jia Bi Chen, Bin Ming Liang, Da Wei Zhang, Song Lin Zhuang
Abstract: Recently, significant attention has been devoted to a new class of smart materials – so-called negative-index materials (NIM). There are some direct experimental demonstrations of NIM in the microwave frequency region, but not in optical frequency region. Here we report a kind of optical negative-index material which is 2D photonic crystal and, by measuring the refractive angle of the transmitted beam through a prism fabricated from this material, we determine the effective n. These experiments directly confirm this material is an optical negative-index one.
Authors: Jia Bi Chen, Pei Ming Zhang, Song Lin Zhuang
Abstract: An information fusion method measuring human eye aberrations is presented here. We have built an optical setup to combine two systems, which can measure the human eye’s objective and subjective wavefront aberration separately. Then the result datum is fused on feature level by information fusion method. Finally, we have done a series of experiments to demonstrate this combined fusion method and give some discussions.
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