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Authors: Yan Le Li, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li

Abstract: Investigation of forming forces in incremental sheet forming (ISF) is of great importance since it provides understanding of the deformation...

Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Jian Feng Li, Jian Zhi Li, Rui Jun Zhang

Abstract: Because of the simplification for scenario choices and few reflections of space-time characters, product designers or police makers can’t...

Authors: Dong Lu, Jian Feng Li, Yi Ming Rong, Jie Sun, Jun Zhou, Zhong Qiu Wang

Abstract: A burr formation process in micro-cutting of Al7075-T7451 was analyzed. Three stages of burr formation including steady-state cutting...

Authors: Fu Lai Sun, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li, Liang Yu Song, Yu Guo Luo

Abstract: Linear expansion coefficient (CTE) is one of the important thermal parameters for materials, which has a great influence on the thermal...

Authors: S.C. Wang, J. Han, Jian Feng Li, Zhi Nong Li

Abstract: Because of the deficiency of fixed kernel in bilinear time-frequency distribution (TFD), i.e. for each mapping, the resulting...

Authors: Song Zhang, Jian Feng Li, Hong Gang Lv, Wei Dong Chen

Abstract: In the present research, an attempt has been made to experimentally investigate the cutting forces in hard milling of H13 steel with coated...

Authors: Peng Liu, Fang Yi Li, Jian Feng Li, Kai Kai Guan, Gang Li

Abstract: In order to study the recrystallization of the thermoplastic starch, this paper obtained the IR spectra of starch respectively plasticized...

Authors: Xiu Jie Jia, Jian Feng Li, Fang Yi Li

Abstract: Biomass cushioning packaging material has been gaining attention in the properties of the materials because of biodegradable and green...

Authors: G. Wang, Wan Jiang, Guang Zhao Bai, Jian Feng Li
Authors: Gang Cheng, Jian Feng Li, Wei Qiang Wang, Jie Sun

Abstract: In this paper, the finite element analysis is made to the modal analysis of the impeller, a finite element model of a impeller with cracks...

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