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Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Fang Yi Li, Jian Feng Li, Li Ming Wang, Xiao Xu Chen

Abstract: Traditionally LCA generally focus on a global scale and on steady-state, linear modeling. How to reflect the varying and complicated...

Authors: Bin Zhao, Song Zhang, Jian Feng Li

Abstract: Three-dimensional surface roughness parameters are widely applied to characterize frictional and lubricating properties, corrosion...

Authors: Rong Hua Yuan, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li, Liang Yu Song, Yong Wu Zhang

Abstract: 69111-stainless steel has wide applications in aerospace industry due to its comprehensive performance. However, its machining properties...

Authors: Bin Huang, Jian Feng Li, Jin Chen Wang, Yin Zhou He, Wei Shang

Abstract: In the fields of transparent liquid impurity detection based on machine vision technology, how to detect and identify a variety of...

Authors: Yuan Wei Wang, Song Zhang, Jian Feng Li, Tong Chao Ding

Abstract: In this paper, Taguchi method was applied to design the cutting experiments when end milling Inconel 718 with the TiAlN-TiN coated carbide...

Authors: Pan Ling Huang, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun

Abstract: In the paper, a static milling force model for variable pitch mills was built, and the milling forces were simulated. The resultant force...

Authors: Pan Ling Huang, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun

Abstract: Chatter is one of the main factors that affects the manufacturing quality and limits the productivity during milling. If properly selecting...

Authors: An Fu Guo, Jian Feng Li, Fang Yi Li, Bao Kun Wei, Jian Yong Li

Abstract: The performance and biodegradability of plant fibre and starch dishware (PFSD), pulp model dishware (PMD) and starch plastic dishware (SPD)...

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