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Authors: M. Yin, D.D. Risanti, Jiang Hua Chen, Sybrand van der Zwaag
Abstract: This work utilizes thermoelectric power (TEP) measurement to track secondary precipitation during the interrupted ageing cycle for AA2024 alloys as well as the subsequent re-ageing cycle. Clear evidences of secondary precipitation were observed which affect the further precipitation sequence during re-ageing. The TEM results confirm that S and S” phases co-exist upon re-ageing.
Authors: D.D. Risanti, M. Yin, Jiang Hua Chen, Sybrand van der Zwaag
Abstract: A comprehensive and systematic study using hardness, tensile test and Kahn tear test was undertaken to follow property development during the recently promoted interrupted ageing treatment. In contrast to the reported claims hardness remains lower than that of single stage heat treatment. Toughness does not improve substantially and deteriorates further as re-ageing time is prolonged. For most cases, the effect of interrupted ageing could not produce a simultaneous improvement in mechanical properties. TEM observations indicate the size and distribution co-existing S” and S phases upon re-ageing depend on interrupted condition.
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