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Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Jiang Nan Zhang, Yu De Liu, Jian Guo Zou
Abstract: The osmosis pressure was introduced to improve the conventional electroless plating process for preparing porous ceramic supported Pd/Ag inorganic composite membrane. The effects of temperature (t), molar ratio of hydrazine to total metal ions(y), molar ratio of silver ions to palladium ions(x), concentrations of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) and sucrose solution on the metal deposition rate, silver content in alloy film, surface morphology of film and permeation properties of the membrane were investigated and their optimal conditions were determined to be: [MET]=5mM, x = 20%, y = 1, [EDTA] = 40g•L-1, t = 40 °C, pH =11 and sucrose solution concentration of 6 M. Under these optimal conditions, the prepared Pd/Ag alloy film with thickness of 7.9 μm demonstrated good permeation properties with nitrogen free and hydrogen permeation rate of 8.8×10-3m3•m-2•s-1 at 0.3 MPa and 473 K.
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