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Authors: Zhong Ming Zhang, Bo Hu, Feng Tao Gao, Jin Cheng Wang

Abstract: MMCs can be usually fabricated by powder metallurgy, stir casting and spray co-deposition, etc. Al2O3/Al composites...

Authors: Jin Cheng Wang, Zhong Ming Zhang, Gen Cang Yang

Abstract: Experiments have been carried out to investigate the damping behaviors of commercially pure aluminum (L2) prepared by equal-channel angular...

Authors: Jin Cheng Wang, M. Osawa, Tadaharu Yokokawa, Hiroshi Harada, Masato Enomoto

Abstract: A calculation of the interface energy for the Ni-Al binary alloy, including the inter-phase boundary (IPB) energy and the anti-phase...

Authors: Di Qing Wan, Bo Lin He, Jin Cheng Wang, Gen Cang Yang

Abstract: An investigation on low frequency strain amplitude dependence damping characteristic of as-cast high damping Mg-based alloys continuously...

Authors: Jin Cheng Wang, Si Hao Chen, Shan Zhong Xu, Ye Xue, Jian Zhong Lou

Abstract: With polylactic acid (PLA) resin as walls and capsaicin as core substances, microcapsules were prepared based on diphase emulsion method....

Authors: Zhong Ming Zhang, Jin Cheng Wang, Chun Jie Xu, Wei Ming Li, Gang Wang

Abstract: Damping capacities of the annealed nodular cast iron dense bar produced by horizontal continuous casting were measured by Dynamic Mechanical...

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