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Authors: L. Serenó, J. Delgado, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: The development of open Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, such as the Fab@Home system, has emerged as a freeform approach capable of...

Authors: Guillem Quintana, Maria Luisa García-Romeu, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: The current requirements for an efficient dimensional inspection of manufactured parts have lead to development of different in...

Authors: Daniel Teixidor, I. Ferrer, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: This paper reports the characterization of laser machining (milling) process to manufacture micro-channels in order to understand the...

Authors: Guillem Quintana, Joaquim de Ciurana, Daniel Teixidor, I. Ferrer

Abstract: In milling operations, cutting edge impacts due to the interaction between the cutter and the workpiece excite vibrations. It is possible to...

Authors: Daniel Teixidor, Guillem Quintana, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: Surface roughness influences the performance of a finished part. In machining operations, the surface roughness generated is influenced by...

Authors: Marc Sabater, Maria Luisa García-Romeu, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present the results of the first step of a defined methodology for the neural network tool development. That...

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