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Authors: Marcelo Luiz Eugênio, Marco Antonio Colosio, José Carlos Santos

Abstract: Currently, new and uncommon materials are being more used in automotive components, such as the manufactured by Powder Metallurgy due to new...

Authors: Thiago Sekeres, Cleber Fernandes, José Carlos Santos, Eduardo Nunes, Ronald Lesley Plaut

Abstract: A typical car stamping is analyzed in terms of FEM and its press signature is evaluated in detail. Microstructural, crystallographic texture...

Authors: E.S. Jesus Filho, Lucio Salgado, S.L. de Jesus, J.L. Rossi, Marco Antonio Colosio, José Carlos Santos

Abstract: This article shows some fabrication aspects related to the obtention of sintered valve seat insert. This insert was made of a mixture of...

Authors: E.S. Jesus Filho, Edilson Rosa Barbarosa Jesus, Lucio Salgado, S.L. Jesus, Marco Antonio Colosio, José Carlos Santos, S. Yoshida, C.H. Sartori, J.L. Rossi

Abstract: This work presents aspects related to new sintered materials for valve seat inserts application. Two types of materials were evaluated. The...

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