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Authors: He Jun Li, Juan Hua Su, Qi Ming Dong, Ping Liu, Feng Zhang Ren

Abstract: The aging process of lead frame Cu-Cr-Sn-Zn alloy has only been studied empirically by trial-and-error method so far. This paper builds up...

Authors: Feng Zhang Ren, Jun Tao Zhang, Qiu Ran Gao, Yao Min Zhu, Juan Hua Su

Abstract: The hot deformation behavior of Mg-3.5Zn-0.6Y-0.5Zr alloy was investigated by compressive tests of strain rate ranges of 0.002~1...

Authors: Juan Hua Su, Shu Guo Jia, Feng Zhang Ren, Ping Liu, Bao Hong Tian

Abstract: The effects of different extent of cold rolling on the aging properties in Cu-Cr-Sn-Zn alloy are investigated by hardness and electrical...

Authors: Qi Ming Dong, Ping Liu, Juan Hua Su, He Jun Li, Bao Hong Tian

Abstract: By using the finite element method and large strain two-dimension plane strain model, the flaking damage of Cu-Fe-P lead frame sheet is...

Authors: Juan Hua Su, Feng Zhang Ren, Lei Wang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the forming process methods of fin used in CPU chip to emit heat. The whole process is blanking, the first forging...

Authors: Juan Hua Su, Feng Zhang Ren, Ze Yang

Abstract: The bending performance of lead frame materials is a very important in improving the quality of lead frame alloys and meeting the needs of...

Authors: Xiao Hong Chen, Yan Li, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Juan Hua Su, Ping Liu

Abstract: A method of the aluminizing treatment on the surface of Cu-Al-Y alloy with addition of rare earth compound CeCl3 in 1173K was carried out....

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