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Authors: Zhen Long Wang, Yu Fang, Wan Sheng Zhao, K. Cheng
Authors: Yong Da Yan, T. Sun, Shen Dong, Ying Chun Liang, K. Cheng
Authors: X.C. Luo, K. Cheng, R. Ward

Abstract: This paper attempts to correlate surface functionality generation with machining conditions by computer simulation and machining trials....

Authors: Y.H. Yang, Shi Jin Chen, K. Cheng

Abstract: A novel fast tool servo driven by piezoelectric actuator for precision diamond turning is designed in this paper. To overcome the inherent...

Authors: X.W. Liu, K. Cheng, D. Webb, X.Q. Jiang, S.J. Xiao, A.P. Longstaff, M.H. Widiyarto, L. Blunt, D. Ford
Authors: Wen Jun Zong, Dan Li, T. Sun, K. Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, a coupled thermo-mechanical FE model is proposed to simulate the cutting temperature’s distribution produced in diamond...

Authors: Shi Jin Chen, Q.L. Pang, K. Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, a finite element model of a two-dimensional orthogonal metal cutting process is used to simulate the chip formation, cutting...

Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Ming Jun Chen, Ying Chun Liang, Shen Dong, K. Cheng
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