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Authors: H.Y. Yeung, J.Z. Liu, Ling Qin, Yun Yu Hu, Chang Wei Lu, K.M. Lee, Y.M. Chiu, Jack C.Y. Cheng

Abstract: Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) possess a high replicative capacity and have the capacity to differentiate into various...

Authors: Chan Wai Chan, Ling Qin, K.M. Lee, H.Y. Yeung, Yun Yu Hu, K.H.K. Wong, R.C.L. Yip, Jack C.Y. Cheng

Abstract: Grafting of autologous iliac crest and decortication approach in posterior spinal fusion surgery has been the “gold standard”. However, the...

Authors: Chan Wai Chan, K.H.K. Wong, K.M. Lee, Ling Qin, H.Y. Yeung, H.B. Fan, Yun Yu Hu, Jack C.Y. Cheng

Abstract: Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) has been shown to maintain the osteogenicity of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) in...

Authors: In Hyung Moon, Hee Joong Kim, Kyu Young Kim, K.M. Lee, S.C. Yoo, J. Choi
Authors: Chan Wai Chan, K.M. Lee, Ling Qin, K.H.K. Wong, H.Y. Yeung, H.B. Fan, Yun Yu Hu, Jack C.Y. Cheng

Abstract: The limited source of autograft has prompted extensive research on bone substitute and biological enhancement of the fusion mass in spinal...

Authors: H.Y. Yeung, Ling Qin, K.M. Lee, K.S. Leung, Jack C.Y. Cheng

Abstract: Porous calcium phosphate ceramics have been widely investigated in orthopaedic surgery as bone extensor. Attention has been given to...

Authors: In Hyung Moon, Young Min Choi, K.M. Lee, M.J. Suk
Authors: Chan Wai Chan, H.Y. Yeung, K.M. Lee, Y.M. Chiu, X. Guo, P. Chow, Yasuhiko Tabata, Jack C.Y. Cheng
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