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Authors: Thomas Kronberg, Leena Hupa, Kaj Fröberg
Authors: Thomas Kronberg, Leena Hupa, Kaj Fröberg
Abstract: The influence of wollastonite and dolomite on melting behaviour and crystallization was studied for 25 raw glazes. The melting behaviour was observed by hot-stage microscopy. The glazes were also fired industrially both in a fast-fired gas kiln for floor tiles (50 min) and in a traditional gas kiln for sanitaryware (25 hours). The surface composition and structure of the glazes were studied by SEM/EDXA. The crystalline phases in the glazes were identified by XRD. Main crystalline phases found in the glazes were wollastonite and diopside. Fusibility and surface structure on the raw glazes containing wollastonite and dolomite as raw materials depended both on the total content and the ratio of CaO and MgO in the glaze. Low content of alkaline earths gave incomplete fusion, while high content gave extensive crystallization. The results can be applied to tailor raw glaze compositions for a desired surface structure to be fired at a certain fusion temperature.
Authors: Kaj Fröberg, Kaj H. Karlsson
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