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Authors: Yi Mai, Wen Hui Ma, Ke Qiang Xie, Tong Wang, Hu Zhang, Qiang Liu

Abstract: In order to find the most effective hydrometallurgical method of removing iron, aluminum and calcium from MG-Si, a variety of acid leaching...

Authors: Yang Zhou, Shi Xing Wang, Ke Qiang Xie, Yong Nian Dai, Wen Hui Ma

Abstract: Chemical modified silica fume by polyaniline was studied as a sorbent for removal of chromium (VI) determined by flame atomic absorption...

Authors: Kui Xian Wei, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Ke Qiang Xie, Bin Yang, Da Chun Liu, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: Vacuum evaporation is usually utilized to remove volatile impurities in metallurgical grade silicon to prepare solar grade silicon by...

Authors: Ke Qiang Xie, Zhan Liang Yu, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: In this paper, removal of iron from metallurgical grade silicon with pressure leaching is carried out. We investigated the factors such as...

Authors: Ke Qiang Xie, Jian Wen Tang, Xiu Min Chen, Wen Hui Ma, Bin Yang, Zi Li Liu

Abstract: Ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) calculations had been performed in this work to simulate the interactions of B with Fe, Al or Ca in...

Authors: Zi Liang Liu, Ke Qiang Xie, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Yi Wang

Abstract: Coal fly ash (CFA), as a major solid waste of coal-fired power plants in China, is widely applied in building materials, pavement, and soil...

Authors: Ming Ming Li, Wen Jie Zhu, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Ke Qiang Xie

Abstract: The high-quality MCM-41 was synthesized from silica fume with Citric acid and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) as template agents....

Authors: Zhe Ning, Ke Qiang Xie, Wen Hui Ma, Kui Xian Wei, Yang Zhou, Yang Yang

Abstract: The high ash coke breeze was leaching by two-stage chemical leaching. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) were employed to...

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