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Authors: Manabu Kubota, Kohsaku Ushioda, Goro Miyamoto, Tadashi Furuhara

Abstract: The recrystallization behavior of hot-deformed austenite of 0.55% C low alloy steels at 900, 850 and 800°C was investigated by a...

Authors: Kohsaku Ushioda, Sae Nakanishi, Tatsuya Morikawa, Kenji Higashida, Yoshihiro Suwa, Kenichi Murakami

Abstract: Heterogeneous deformation during rolling is a crucial issue for elucidating recrystallization behavior. The progress thus far in our...

Authors: Shigeto Takebayashi, Kohsaku Ushioda, Naoki Yoshinaga, Shigenobu Ogata

Abstract: The effect of tempering temperature on the impact toughness of 0.3 mass% carbon martensitic steels with prior austenite grain (PAG) size of...

Authors: Takaya Suzuki, Y. Ishii, A. Itami, Kohsaku Ushioda, Naoki Yoshinaga, Hiroyasu Tezuka
Authors: Hajime Saitoh, Kohsaku Ushioda, Naoki Yoshinaga

Abstract: No clear-cut information is available with regard to the effect of foreign atoms on the solubility limit of C in b.c.c. iron despite many...

Authors: Kohsaku Ushioda, Naoki Yoshinaga, H. Saitoh, O. Akisue
Authors: Kazuhiko Honda, Kohsaku Ushioda, Wataru Yamada

Abstract: The solidification structure of a hot-dip Zn-11%Al-3%Mg-0.2%Si coating with a Ti addition on a steel substrate was investigated. Steel sheet...

Authors: S. Hiwatashi, Tetsuo Hatakeyama, Kohsaku Ushioda, M. Usuda
Authors: Yoshiyuki Ushigami, Yoshihiro Arita, Kohsaku Ushioda

Abstract: It has been observed that grain size of Goss secondary grain has a strong correlation with deviation angle from the exact Goss orientation...

Authors: Ken Takata, Kohsaku Ushioda, Masao Kikuchi

Abstract: The precipitation behavior of Mg and Si during storage at RT in Al-Mg-Si alloys pre-aged at 90°C was studied using a tensile test and...

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