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Authors: J.I. Song, Sung In Bae, Kyung Chun Ham, Kyung Seop Han
Authors: Kyung Seop Han, Kwang Hwan Oh

Abstract: A series of laboratory investigations concerned about fatigue assessment with acoustic emission method was presented. Fatigue aspects...

Authors: Kwang Hwan Oh, C.K. Jung, Y.C. Yang, Kyung Seop Han

Abstract: This study investigated acoustic emission behavior during fatigue crack growth test under constant and variable amplitude loading in 304...

Authors: Jae Bok Nam, Kyung Seop Han
Authors: S.W. Jung, Jae Hyup Lee, Jae Bok Nam, H.W. Nam, Kyung Seop Han
Authors: Kyung Seok Oh, S.I. Heo, J.C. Yun, Kyung Seop Han

Abstract: Conductive polymer composites (CPCs) consisting of expanded graphite (EG), flake-type graphite (FG) and thermalsetting resin were...

Authors: H.W. Nam, S.W. Jung, Jai Sung Lee, Kyung Seop Han
Authors: Kwang Hwan Oh, Jun Ho Jang, C.K. Jung, Kyung Seop Han

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) technique was applied as a non-destructive test method to detect and evaluate the localized damage at high...

Authors: Kyung Seok Oh, Kwang Hwan Oh, Jun Ho Jang, Kyung Seop Han

Abstract: Universal test method to evaluate sheet metal formability was developed using finite element method based on axiomatic design. The newly...

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