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Authors: S. Kiss, Lajos Daróczi, G. Posgay
Authors: Z. Balogh, Lajos Daróczi, Z. Erdélyi, S. Szabó, R. Juhász, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: Barkhausen noise properties of amorphous and nanocrystallized FINEMET type soft magnetic materials are investigated. It is obtained that...

Authors: Tarek Y. Elrasasi, Lajos Daróczi, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: Using our local equilibrium model of the martensitic transformation [ the elastic energy contributions, as the function of martensite volume...

Authors: Csaba Cserháti, Z. Erdélyi, Z. Balogh, Lajos Daróczi, A. Csik, G.A. Langer, M. Varga, I. Zizak, A. Erko, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: X-ray standing wave technique has been used to measure the kinetics of CoSi intermetallic phase growth in a-Si/Co/a-Si sandwich structure....

Authors: Dóra Janovszky, Jenő Sólyom, András Roósz, Lajos Daróczi

Abstract: Fe40Ni40B16Si4 alloy was prepared by the melt spinning method with 50µm thickness. The crystallization of the amorphous alloy was analysed...

Authors: A.A. Kodentsov, M.J.H. van Dal, Csaba Cserháti, Lajos Daróczi, F.J.J. van Loo
Authors: S. Szabó, R. Juhász, L. Pogány, Lajos Daróczi, Dezső L. Beke
Authors: Miklos Kis-Varga, Dezső L. Beke, Lajos Daróczi
Authors: Lajos Daróczi, C. Hegedűs, V. Kökényesi, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: Metal-ceramic systems play very important role in the prosthetic dentistry. The most widely used metallic alloys are the Ni-Cr, Co-Cr,...

Authors: Dezső L. Beke, A. Lakatos, G. Erdélyi, A. Makovecz, G.A. Langer, Lajos Daróczi, K. Vad, A. Csik

Abstract: It was shown more recently in our Laboratory [1,2,3] that having a substrate/diffusant/thin-film/cap-layer structure (the thin film was...

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