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Authors: Patrick Ganster, A. Borbely, V. Barnier, Pierre Desgardin, M.F. Barthe, Frédéric Soisson, Maylise Nastar, Laure Martinelli, Clara Desgranges

Abstract: On Ni and Ni-16wt%.Cr model-alloys compressed at 30 % and 60 % deformation, point-defects and dislocations concentrations are respectively...

Authors: Fanny Balbaud-Célérier, Laure Martinelli, A. Terlain, A. Ngomsik, S. Sanchez, Gerard Picard
Authors: Laure Martinelli, Fanny Balbaud-Célérier, Gerard Picard, Gerard Santarini

Abstract: The oxidation mechanism of the T91 martensitic steel in oxygen-saturated Pb-Bi eutectic at 470°C has been investigated to develop a long...

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