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Authors: Ge Zhu, Li Na Lou, Xian Quan Wang, Jing Luo
Abstract: The article proposed a kind of new measuring technique suitable for pellet outer diameter --shading of measurement, using high quality laser as the light, linear CCD image sensor TCD1206 acts testing device, TCD1206 produced drive without delay by single-chip microcomputer, process pellet outer diameter signal coming from TCD1206 by floating threshold method of binary, finally the processed binary signals send back to the single-chip microcomputer, through MAX232 serial communication transfer to PC for displaying. The whole process realizes real-time detection to pellet outer diameter, and makes measurement system had higher precision.
Authors: Ji Qin Feng, Xian Quan Wang, Li Na Lou
Abstract: In the event of a new version of financial markets, realistic counterfeit money, and only rely on manufacturers to upgrade the software in order to re-identify the class counter counterfeit money, proposed to establish a banknote counter self-learning system. The article mainly describes the specific implementation method of banknote counter being on line self-learning ability, through establishing feature vector template database of banknotes, using the template matching algorithm to identify genuine and fake of banknotes. Experiments show that the smart banknote counter designed in the method has self-learning abilities for fake banknotes, can implement specific anti-counterfeiting, being greatly increase accuracy of identification falsity.
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