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Authors: S.G. Shabestari, M.M. Hejazi, M. Bahramifar
Abstract: The effect of magnesium addition up to 0.9 wt.% on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-9Si-0.35Mn alloy has been investigated in both as-cast and heat treated conditions. Generally, Mg addition increases the heat treatability and strength of the alloys at the expense of the lower ductility. High levels of magnesium addition, causes the formation of large and brittle intermetallics, a slight increase in porosity and hence, a decrease in ultimate tensile strength and ductility of the cast alloys. T6 heat treatment increases the strength of the alloys up to 80 percent compared to as-cast samples. Among the studied compositions, heat treated Al-9Si-0.35Mn-0.25Mg alloy, has the maximum value of quality index and can be regarded as a promising material with the optimum mechanical properties for industrial applications.
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