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Authors: M.A. Maleque, M.M. Rahman, M.S. Hossain

Abstract: Composite materials have become a popular material substitution for automotive, sports, medical, aerospace and other engineering fields due...

Authors: M.A. Maleque, M.S. Hossain, S. Dyuti

Abstract: successful design of folding bicycle should take into account the function, material properties, and fabrication process. There are some...

Authors: Jeremy S. Robinson, Christopher E. Truman, M.S. Hossain, Robert C. Wimpory

Abstract: The most critical stage in the heat treatment of high strength aluminium alloys is the rapid cooling necessary to form a supersaturated...

Authors: M.A. Maleque, M.M. Rahman, M.S. Hossain

Abstract: Reverse engineering often involves taking something apart and analyzing its workings in detail to be used in maintenance or to try to make a...

Authors: M.S. Hossain, D.M. Goudar, Christopher E. Truman, David John Smith

Abstract: In common with all mechanical strain relief residual stress measurement methods, extra care must be taken when making measurements on...

Authors: D.M. Goudar, M.S. Hossain, Christopher E. Truman, Ed J. Kingston, David John Smith

Abstract: Residual stress measurement techniques using mechanical strain relaxation depend on a number of physical quantities and are therefore...

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