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Authors: Manabu Tanaka, Shinichi Tashiro, Takayuki Kashima, John J. Lowke, Anthony B. Murphy
Authors: Shinichi Tashiro, Toru Iwao, Tuginori Inaba, Manabu Tanaka

Abstract: We have developed non-equilibrium simulation model of GTA. In this paper, simulation results of plasma property of argon GTA at atmospheric...

Authors: Hidetoshi Fujii, Takahiro Tatsuno, Takuya Tsumura, Manabu Tanaka, Kazuhiro Nakata

Abstract: A new welding technique called hybrid FSW was developed to decrease the tool load and the defects during the FSW of high melting point...

Authors: Souta Matsusaka, Toshiro Uezono, Takuya Tsumura, Manabu Tanaka, Takehiro Watanabe

Abstract: Galvanized steel sheets with a lap joint were welded by a laser-arc hybrid process. The hybrid system consisted of 2kW LD or YAG laser...

Authors: Kyohei Konishi, Manabu Tanaka, Akihisa Murata, Tadasuke Murata

Abstract: GTA (Gas Tungsten Arc) welding process has been studied as a higher level welding process. The “GTA welding process with constricted nozzle”...

Authors: Kentaro Yamamoto, Manabu Tanaka, Shinichi Tashiro, Kazuhiro Nakata, Keiichi Suzuki, Kei Yamazaki

Abstract: It is important to consider the interaction between arc plasma and electrodes because melting of electrodes strongly affects arc plasma....

Authors: Manabu Tanaka

Abstract: In this study, distributions of temperature and metal vapor during MIG welding of aluminum are obtained. Since a droplet forms and detaches...

Authors: Manabu Tanaka, Kentaro Yamamoto, Shinichi Tashiro, John J. Lowke

Abstract: Study of current attachment at thermionic cathode for TIG arc at atmospheric pressure is attempted from numerical calculations of...

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