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Authors: Matvei Zinkevich

Abstract: This paper shows how phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of various multicomponent oxide systems can be represented with the use...

Authors: N. Mattern, Matvei Zinkevich, H. Ehrenberg, M. Knapp, A. Handstein
Authors: D. Djurović, Matvei Zinkevich, Snezana Bošković, V. Srot, Fritz Aldinger

Abstract: A nano-sized CeO2 powder was synthesized by a modified glycine nitrate process (MGNP). The synthesized powder was characterized by X-ray...

Authors: M. Čančarević, Matvei Zinkevich, Fritz Aldinger

Abstract: The stoichiometric compound Cu2PbO2 has been synthesized by solid-state reaction from Cu2O and PbO in a sealed quartz ampoule. The optimum...

Authors: Snezana Bošković, D. Djurović, B. Matović, M. Čančarević, Z. Dohčević-Mitrović, Zoran V. Popović, Matvei Zinkevich, Fritz Aldinger

Abstract: One of the methods for powder synthesis that is both cost and time effective is the selfpropagating room temperature synthesis. We applied...

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