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Authors: Ahmet Güral, Süleyman Tekeli, Dursun Özyürek, Metin Gürü

Abstract: The effect of repeated quenching heat treatment on microstructure and dry sliding wear behavior of low carbon PM steel was investigated....

Authors: Süleyman Tekeli, Metin Gürü

Abstract: Yttria-stabilized cubic zirconia is well known the material that possesses high oxygen ionic conductivity and chemical stability over wide...

Authors: M. Bilen, A. Mergen, Metin Gürü, A. Alıcılar
Authors: Süleyman Tekeli, Ahmet Güral, Metin Gürü

Abstract: The effect of tempering temperature and microstructure on dry sliding wear behavior of quenched and tempered PM steels was investigated....

Authors: Metin Gürü, Süleyman Tekeli, Emin Akin

Abstract: The amount of marble dust occurred during machining and cutting of marble pieces and fly ash emitted from coal power plant is rather high...

Authors: Metin Gürü, M. Korçak, Süleyman Tekeli, Ahmet Güral

Abstract: The properties of ceramic-metal (Cermet) composites as tensile strength, hardness and resistance to corrosion and high temperature are...

Authors: A. Mergen, T.S. Kayed, M. Bilen, A.F. Qasrawi, Metin Gürü
Authors: Metin Gürü, Yüksel Akyüz, Süleyman Tekeli

Abstract: The discovery of superconductivity at 39 K in magnesium diboride (MgB2) has attracted much attention from theoretical and experimental...

Authors: Süleyman Tekeli, Metin Gürü

Abstract: To achieve improvements in the mechanical properties, fine grain size, homogeneous microstructure and high density are desirable. The poor...

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