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Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape

Abstract: When analysing semi-solid metal alloys or any other suspension in rheometers a major problem is related to wall slip effects which lead to...

Authors: Andreas Bührig-Polaczek, C. Afrath, Michael Modigell, Lars Pape

Abstract: Alloys of a specific microstructure exhibit a shear-rate history-dependent flow behaviour in the semi-solid state. Rheological studies have...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Ksenija Vasilic

Abstract: The direct analysis and the inverse parameter fitting are methods for determination of unknown material parameters in rheometry. In this...

Authors: Michael Modigell, M. Hufschmidt

Abstract: Oscillation experiments, creep tests and shear stress ramps have been performed to analyze the yield stress and its time dependency. It has...

Authors: Annalisa Pola, Roberto Roberti, Michael Modigell, Lars Pape

Abstract: A new aluminum alloy (AlSi5Mg0.5Cu0.3Ag) for semisolid die-casting applications was designed, starting from computational thermodynamics...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Horst R. Maier

Abstract: The investigation of the flow behavior of semi-solid steel alloys poses a great challenge by reason of high operation temperatures and the...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Siri Harboe, Annalisa Pola, Christoph Zang

Abstract: The improvement of mathematical models for semisolid alloy flow properties requires profound understanding of the underlying physical...

Authors: Siri Harboe, Michael Modigell

Abstract: An important aspect of the rheological characterization of semi-solid metals is the determination of the materials ability to exhibit yield...

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