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Authors: Yan Hai Yang, Hua Cai, Min Jiang Zhang, Yan Xu

Abstract: The recycle of asphalt pavement material is not only accordance with the policy of national energy conservation and emission reduction, but...

Authors: Min Jiang Zhang, Wen Bo Zhang, Bao Yang Yu

Abstract: Based on the theory of hierarchy analysis, the post-assessment indexes system of cold recycling technology project have been established,...

Authors: Bao Yang Yu, Yu Wang, Min Jiang Zhang

Abstract: The objectives of this paper are to characterize the mechanical properties of porous asphalt pavement mixtures containing RAP and a WMA...

Authors: Min Jiang Zhang, Gang Chen, Li Xia Hou, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: Based on the viscoelasticity theory and the data of creep test, Burgers model was established, which was used to study the viscoelastic...

Authors: Min Jiang Zhang, Xing Hua Jiao, Wen Bo Zhang, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: Asphalt mixture is a kind of typical elastic-viscoplastic material. Environment temperature and loading condition will greatly affect its...

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