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Authors: Min Yuan Huang
Abstract: Regarding the system vibration as the research object, we study vibration characteristics of the system vibration under the damping action. The primary coverage is as follows: under the external condition of undamped condition, damping condition, free vibration, and harmonic excitation, etc., the fundamental vibration form possesses vibration characteristics. In the project practice, the damping factor’s role to the vibrating system, as well as parameter determination is the damping factor. Low frequency effects on the structure system along with the effective of controlling resonance. In the damping treatment, we have characteristics demand for the damping. Through thorough analysis to damping action, we will obtain the best project fitting.
Authors: Min Yuan Huang, Zong Ren Zou
Abstract: Using the finite element software ANSYS to analyze dynamic characteristics of external prestressing structure, reasonable control parameter, as well as external prestressing reinforcement joints of security, the main research contents and results are as follows: Dynamic performance analysis is about variation law and internal feature. With the increase of external prestressing, on the contrary, the natural vibration frequency will reduce. However, external prestressing effects on the structural dynamic performance improvement that is not obvious in general. Based on sensitivity analysis, control parameter of external prestressing reinforcement curved beam must be analyzed and the reasonable value range of sensitive control parameter can be found. For the control parameter of external prestressing process, its reasonable control parameter’s range should be about 6% in the theoretical calculation. While simulating of anchoring system, local force on anchoring system must be analyzed finely and accurately. A comprehensive understanding should be mastered on variation law, which is about the internal forcing and stress response of special area. The setting of anchoring device shall be arranged at 1/3 place of original prestressing position. To ensure the safety, it should guarantee the mechanical continuity of anchor joints.
Authors: Min Yuan Huang
Abstract: Regarding the multi-degree of freedom as the research object, we study vibration theory and engineering application of the multi-degree of freedom. Main content as follows: When establishing vibration system model, we deal with the structure’s discretization and the motion simulation, as well as simplify the foundation model and other issues. The establishment of vibration motion equation must combine with the specific situation and ensure the accuracy of equation, so that we can achieve the best equation of engineering fitting. Harm treatment of engineering vibration is the key to enhance structure durability.
Authors: Min Yuan Huang, Zong Ren Zou
Abstract: With continuous development of the structural engineering, a perfect theoretical foundation and construction means is the key to its development. Combined with characteristics of the curved beam, it will be closely integrated together with external prestressing technology. The associated design and construction research can be carried out, in order to fully meet the need of the prestressing development. In this paper, the advantages of external prestressing curved beam was studied, and relevant contents are as follows: reasonable adjustment of external prestressing tendon’s diameter makes the structural force to become more uniform and prevents inappropriate use to tendon; reasonable external prestressing tendon and anchorage is the premise of good structure connection. The crucial problems should to be solved are the lower anchor position and stress concentration treatment. Considering the security need of prestressing curved beam’s tendon connection, attention should be paid not only to its materials and mechanical properties, but also to the convenience of construction. The external reinforcement work of prestressing curved beam is to ensure reasonable control parameters, as well as to ensure the optimal design of reinforced construction. As for the technical grasp on the theory and construction of external prestressing curved beam structure, it will make them have broader development space.
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