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Authors: Chun Lei Wang, Min Zhao, Xing Dong Wei, Tai Lun Li, Lei Lu

Abstract: Treatment of xenobiotic compounds such as textile dyes with bacterial laccases is limited to the acid pH range and moderate temperatures. A...

Authors: Dai Zong Cui, Min Zhao, Guo Fang Li, Xiao Xu Gu, Guang Ying Hui Du, Chun Lei Wang

Abstract: In this study, a new strain was isolated by us based on its efficiency to decolorize azo dyes. Identification of this isolate by 16S rDNA...

Authors: Fan Zhang, Min Zhao, Wei Wang, Tie Feng Hu

Abstract: Bifidobacterium bifidum were encapsulated as fresh cultures in water insoluble food grade microcapsules by emulsification–internal gelation...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Min Zhao, Chun Lei Wang, Guang Ying Hui Du

Abstract: Bacillus subtilis cotA gene which was designed According to GenBank. cotA gene was transformed to Escherichia...

Authors: Chun Lei Wang, Min Zhao, De Bin Li, Dai Zong Cui, Hong Yi Yang, Lei Lu, Xing Dong Wei

Abstract: The strain Bacillus sp. WD23 exhibiting laccase activity was screened from forest soil. The M9 medium containing Cu2+ was used for enriching...

Authors: De Bin Li, Lei Lu, Min Zhao

Abstract: Bacterial strains with chlorimuron-ethyl degrading ability were isolated for bioremediation of contaminated soil. Six strains were obtained...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Yong Qiang Liu, Jing Ren, Bin Song Wang, Min Zhao

Abstract: The optimal conditions of immobilization were obtained: the optimization of crosslinking agent concentration 10%, crosslinking time 2...

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