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Authors: Ming Fei Xia, Yu Ming Bo, Shi You Fan
Abstract: Development maintenance training for electronic equipment is the important way to solve the difficult of electronic equipment maintenance and problem of iridescent method of maintenance training. The technical characteristics of the maintenance system for electronic equipment are analyzed in this paper. A maintenance training teaching system for electronic equipment with unity hardware and common software platform is researched. The hardware structure and the development method of its software are discussed in this paper. The teaching system possesses characters such as real physics signal,multi method of human-computer interaction ,well results of learning best,easy to development,etc. The teaching system is mainly composed of the following: motherboard, equipment operation panel, equipment component, lights and buttons etc. Its software is based on a common database. When we need development a teaching system for new equipment, we just add some data to the database using the development platform and need not modify its software. Practice shows that the teaching system uses a common hardware design and software platform, greatly reducing the development workload of a new teaching system using the architecture.
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