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Authors: Xiang Jun Yu, Ji Xin Wang, Ming Yao Yao, Zong Wei Yao
Abstract: For a typical Full-hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) layout, such as Toyota Prius, the power-slit device (PSD) is a key component. Determination of volume or weight of a PSD is an important issue in preliminary design of power transmission applications. The purpose of this paper is to preliminary design of PSD gear drives by minimizing volume of gear trains. A stochastic approach Genetic Algorithm (GA) was applied to a differential-based coupling PSD design problem. Static and dynamic penalty functions were introduced to the objective function for handling the design constraints. The calculation of quadratic mean deviation and dynamic bounding parameter values such as determination of crossover and mutation parameter values were adopted to ensure the convergence of the fitness function. The optimized design method based on GA produced quite well results, which promptly supplied preliminary design parameters of gear drives for differential-based coupling PSD design.
Authors: Xiang Jun Yu, Ming Yao Yao
Abstract: A new Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) of the large-scale wheel loader was designed based on a buffer-induced structure. Dynamic Finite Element analysis model of the entire vehicle was created and boundary conditions of typical rollover cases were given. Optimization design of this new ROPS was obtained through a comprehensive analysis of 16 dynamic simulation samples, which were designed by Orthogonal Experimental Method. Comparison analysis of dynamic response results between original ROPS and optimal new ROPS indicates that this new ROPS effectively prolonged the duration time of the first collision and reduced the acting time of peak force. Deformation extent of main structure of this new ROPS is significantly smaller than that of the original ROPS. Buffer-induced structures can increase the kinetic energy absorption capability of ROPS. Therefore, it can reduce the possibility of brittle fracture of ROPS and improve the probability of operator survival.
Authors: Zhen Yu Wang, Xi Feng Zhang, Ji Xin Wang, Ming Yao Yao
Abstract: Fatigue failure of gears carrying heavy loads is the leading cause of gearbox breakdown in the large-scale earthmoving machinery. The fatigue life of gear is mainly determined by loads distribution. Taking the Wheel Loader as an example, this paper introduced an indirect test system of gear load under the loose soil conditions. Then the load data in time, amplitude and frequency field were respectively analyzed. The results show that the indirect measurement method proved workable, and the load data of gear is characterized by bi-modal. Therefore, to decrease statistical errors, mixture model must be adopted to fit these bi-modal signals.
Authors: Zhi Qiang Xu, Hong Jian Wang, Ming Yao Yao
Abstract: Considering the special load characteristics of the wheel loader, thispaper focus on compiling the load spectrum of the transmission of the wheelloader using the nonparametric statistical extrapolation method (NSEM). In thisprocess, the determination of the kernel function shape is the critical issue,which has been discussed in detail. Before extrapolating the sample loadspectrum, the signal denoising of the field-tested time-history load signals isperformed. After that, the sample load cycles are obtained using the rainflowcounting method and the corresponding kernel function shape is determined. Thenthe NSEM of rainflow matrix is proposed, by which the whole-life load spectrumis estimated. The proposed extrapolation method can well realize the estimationof the load cycles that do not appear in sample load cycles but may exist inthe whole-life load history.
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