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Authors: Xiang Jun Yu, Ji Xin Wang, Ming Yao Yao, Zong Wei Yao

Abstract: For a typical Full-hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) layout, such as Toyota Prius, the power-slit device (PSD) is a key component. Determination...

Authors: Xiang Jun Yu, Ming Yao Yao

Abstract: A new Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) of the large-scale wheel loader was designed based on a buffer-induced structure. Dynamic Finite...

Authors: Zhen Yu Wang, Xi Feng Zhang, Ji Xin Wang, Ming Yao Yao

Abstract: Fatigue failure of gears carrying heavy loads is the leading cause of gearbox breakdown in the large-scale earthmoving machinery. The...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Xu, Hong Jian Wang, Ming Yao Yao

Abstract: Considering the special load characteristics of the wheel loader, thispaper focus on compiling the load spectrum of the transmission of the...

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