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Authors: Yang Cao, Ming Zong, Jing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a novel structure of hybrid magnetic bearing with PM bias and inductance displacement sensor is proposed. The operating...

Authors: Ming Zong, Xiao Kang Wang, Yang Cao

Abstract: PM (Permanent Magnet) biased magnetic bearing with PM to replace the magnetic field produced by electromagnet an Active Magnetic Bearing...

Authors: Ming Zong, Zheng Di Cao, Tian Yu Dong

Abstract: Contactors as low-voltage electrical products are largely used, contact bounce when contactor closing and arc which produces during opening...

Authors: Ming Zong, Jie Shi, Yin Feng Zhou, Yi Dan Sun

Abstract: In order to guarantee the belt conveyor reliable operation, it is necessary to find and ruled out the possibility of failure. This paper...

Authors: Ming Zong, Qian Wang, Feng Ge Zhang

Abstract: In order to online real-time monitor of underground cable tunnel environment and running state, the timely discover and preclude...

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