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Authors: Natsuko Sugiura, Naoki Yoshinaga

Abstract: Electro-deposited pure iron has a very sharp and isotropic <111>//ND fiber texture and a needle shaped grain elongated in the ND. This...

Authors: Shigeto Takebayashi, Kohsaku Ushioda, Naoki Yoshinaga, Shigenobu Ogata

Abstract: The effect of tempering temperature on the impact toughness of 0.3 mass% carbon martensitic steels with prior austenite grain (PAG) size of...

Authors: Naoki Yoshinaga, Dirk Vanderschueren, Leo Kestens, Kohsaku Ushioda, Natsuko Sugiura

Abstract: The cold rolling and annealing texture formation has been investigated in electro deposited pure iron which has an extremely sharp and...

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