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Authors: Takeaki Nadabe, Nobuo Takeda

Abstract: This study investigates the computer simulation of fracture process in compressive failure of cross-ply laminate of composite materials. The...

Authors: Nobuo Takeda, Y. Okabe, J. Kuwahara, Toshimichi Ogisu, Seiji Kojima

Abstract: The authors developed a damage detection system that generates ultrasonic waves with a piezo-ceramic actuator and receives them by a fiber...

Authors: Tadahito Mizutani, Takafumi Nishi, Nobuo Takeda

Abstract: Although demand for composite structures rapidly increase due to the advantages in weight, there are few effective assessment techniques to...

Authors: T. Okabe, M Nishikawa, Nobuo Takeda, Hideki Sekine

Abstract: This paper examines the stress distribution around a fiber break in alumina-fiber reinforced aluminum matrix (Al2O3/Al) composites using...

Authors: Nobuo Takeda, Shu Minakuchi, Takahide Umehara, Ito Yusaku

Abstract: This study demonstrated fiber-optic-based life cycle monitoring of an L-shaped carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) part. Fiber Bragg...

Authors: Hayato Nakatani, Talieh Hajzargarbashi, Kaita Ito, Tribikram Kundu, Nobuo Takeda

Abstract: A beamforming array technique with four sensors is applied to a cylindrical geometry for detecting point of impact. A linear array of...

Authors: Colin Haynes, Takeaki Nadabe, Nobuo Takeda, Michael D. Todd

Abstract: Structural health monitoring refers to the process of making an assessment, based on nondestructive, in-situ, autonomous measurements, about...

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