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Authors: C. Xu, Z.J. Wu, J.F. Zhang, P.F. Feng, D.W. Yu
Abstract: This paper provides the methodology on analyzing the dynamic characteristic of machine tool in consideration of joint parameters. To ensure the dynamic model is available for further study, modal experiment for vertical machining center is involved. The machine tool is divided into several parts and connected with spring and damping for substructure modeling. Particularly, the bolt-fixed joint is an example for the joints modeling. Based on the dynamic model, simulation of modal analysis and harmonic response are carried out. Besides, method of optimization design of column and milling box is given to improve the performance, which is proved to be feasible in harmonic response.
Authors: Zi Guang Rong, Z.J. Wu, P.F. Feng, D.W. Yu
Abstract: This paper provides heat transfer modeling analysis and parameter optimization for wafer system of laser annealing equipment. Heat transfer models are established at axial and radial directions. With the help of programming calculation, the relation between heat flux of radiation and distance of adjacent layers can be analyzed. In order to minimize heat transfer interference on the motor system, optimized parameters are selected. Performance of certain selection is verified by FEA simulation and experiment data.
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