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Authors: Gabriel A. López, Paweł Zięba, W. Sigle, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Authors: Vera G. Sursaeva, Paweł Zięba

Abstract: The experimental results on motion of single grain boundaries (GBs) of natural mechanical twin and single fabricated twin GBs as well as on...

Authors: Joanna Wojewoda, Paweł Zięba, Anna Wierzbicka
Authors: Bogdan Datsko, Vitaliy Meleshko, Ivan Mohylyak, Zbigniew Świątek, Lidia Lityńska-Dobrzyńska, Paweł Zięba

Abstract: At uniform excitation of semiconductors by laser radiation with pre-threshold power, locally melted regions are formed on irradiated...

Authors: R.E. Schacherl, Paweł Zięba, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Authors: Paweł Zięba

Abstract: The paper provides a short state of art in the field of diffusion processes at moving grain boundaries (reaction front) at the example of...

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