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Authors: Peng De Han, Xiao Gu Huang, Qi Tu Zhang
Abstract: Up-conversion luminescent materials of Y2O2S: Yb, Tm with different doping concentrations of Tm3+ ion (0.5 mol%–4 mol %) and Yb3+ ion (4 mol%–16 mol %) were prepared by flux method. As Tm3+ doping concentration was 1 mol% and Yb3+ doping concentration was 8 mol%, the blue and red up-conversion luminescent intensity reached the maximum. The concentration quenching of Tm3+ was due to the reducing of the distance between Tm3+ ions and the cross-relaxation increasing. The concentration quenching of Yb3+ was attributed to increasing of nonradiative transition. The blue emission intensity of 1G43H6 was always weaker than the red emission intensity of 3F33H6, and the blue emission intensity of 1G43H6 is similar with the red emission intensity of 1G43F4.
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