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Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu, C.H. An, Jiu Wei Sun, Sheng Fei Wang
Abstract: Ultra-precision flying cutting machining with a vertical milling style is an important means of ultra-precision machining. It has a close relationship between the machining accuracy and the dynamic characteristics of the aerostatic spindle. The film force acting on the spindle rotor is related to the manufacture, installation and static unbalance or dynamic imbalance or other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the dynamic pressure force caused by these factors in order to study on the rotor posture and quantitative movement of the spindle. This article derived the solution formula for the dynamic pressure reaction force of the ultra-precision machine tool spindle with vertical static film based on the basic theory of the rigid body dynamics. The gyroscopic torque of the spindle has been analyzed under different conditions with the spindle dynamic balancing tests, which provide a reference to the further analysis of the spindle dynamic characteristics.
Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Sheng Fei Wang, Qiang Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu
Abstract: The working performance of the spindle system is the most important factor to embody the overall performance of the machine tool. To ensure the advanced capabilities, besides the high-precision manufacturing technologies, it is mainly depending on the bearing module and the forces on the spindle. In this paper, a new strategy of the vertical spindle supporting system is presented to meet the high stiffness requirement for the aerostatic bearing. Based on the computational fluid dynamics and finite volume method, a fluid dynamic model and structure model of the large diameter incorporate radial-thrust aerostatic bearing is developed and simulated to find out the pressure distribution laws of the spindle supporting system. The grid subdivision in the direction of film thickness is paid more attentions when establishing the grid of the whole gas film. Simulation results show that this special structure of bearing module can supply enough load capacity and stiffness for the machine tool. The results also indicate that the static characteristics of the bearing are improved as the supply pressure increases and as the supply orifice diameter decreases.
Authors: Peng Qiang Fu, Qiang Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang, Chao Zhang
Abstract: This paper provides the transfer matrix method to analysis the natural frequency of the vertical spindle using on ultra-precision fly cutting machine tool. Several transfer matrix equations of the typical units of the spindle had been established when considering the effects of the gyroscopic torque as the rotor has a large inertial tensor. And then the natural frequencies and each modal shape of the spindle rotor system were calculated using the transfer matrix model. Also, the modal experimental test had been taken out. The theoretical results from the transfer matrix model are very close to the test results, and the accuracy and the effective of the model was proved.
Authors: Peng Qiang Fu, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang, Jing He Wang
Abstract: The online test system of the vertical spindle motion error of the ultra-precision fly cutting machine tool was established. And then using the online test system established to test and analyze the state of the rotary motion of the spindle under the idling condition. The axial synchronous motion error value of the spindle under 390rpm is about 61 nm, and the asynchronous error motion is about 33nm. The radial error motion value is about 91nm, and the asynchronous error is about 35nm. Through the test, we found that the axial and radial spindle error motion accuracy under idling speed can been improved with the spindle speed increases.
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