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Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu, C.H. An, Jiu Wei Sun, Sheng Fei Wang

Abstract: Ultra-precision flying cutting machining with a vertical milling style is an important means of ultra-precision machining. It has a close...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Sheng Fei Wang, Qiang Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu

Abstract: The working performance of the spindle system is the most important factor to embody the overall performance of the machine tool. To ensure...

Authors: Peng Qiang Fu, Qiang Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang, Chao Zhang

Abstract: This paper provides the transfer matrix method to analysis the natural frequency of the vertical spindle using on ultra-precision fly...

Authors: Peng Qiang Fu, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang, Jing He Wang

Abstract: The online test system of the vertical spindle motion error of the ultra-precision fly cutting machine tool was established. And then using...

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